This site is under construction and undergoing testing until the final launch of ArbMan and integration with the ART group of companies latter this year.  Content or information included at this time is for testing purposes.


The funds and advisory services operated by ArbMan involve market risk.  These are managed on an unregulated basis and may be subject to marketing restrictions in various countries, and as such may not be marketed to private investors in those countries.  These services are only offered to qualified market professionals and institutions, for additional information and to register please contact  

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Welcome to the ARBWeb


Arbitrage Management Ltd (ArbMan) is in the process of putting the final touches on an operation to provide a number of hedge fund vehicles under the Arbitrage Capital Ltd  (ArbCap) umbrella, as well as providing a trading advisory services to qualified market professionals via our MarketViews service.   

ArbMan is in the process of integration with Arbitrage Research and Trading Ltd (ART), for a broad range of services including

ARTSchool Seminars

Real world P&L oriented Consulting & Research

Real world P&L oriented software

for securities and derivatives trading, sales, structuring, and risk management to market professionals by market professionals.



  ArbCap : Investors

Current Performance of the DVT and QOA funds (please log-in)

Historical  Performance Figures (please log-in first)

Registration Information for qualified market professional

Plus "Specials"

  MarketViews Advisory: trade ideas for qualified market professionals - Updated Sep/06:

Latest Trade Ideas - MarketViews Now  (please log-in first)

Past Trade Ideas - MarketViews Historical (please log-in first)

Registration Information for qualified market professional

     ... and more.

  Arbitrage Research and Trading  

ARBLab consulting and analysis for optimal real world strategies

ARTSchool seminars for market professionals

ARTWare software including ARTLib , and Pr/rO

Trader's Guide to ... Series of real world P&L oriented books

JobsForum. Easy to use page for "bid & offered" .. want to make 500k?

     ... and more


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